Stop and smell the roses on Garden Day

By admin
26 September 2016

On Sunday, 9 October it’s time to put down your spade, take off your gardening gloves and enjoy the fruits of your labour as we celebrate South Africa’s first ever Garden Day.


All over the country there will be get-togethers as families and friends gather to celebrate in their gardens – no matter how big or small. Whether it’s trying new recipes from your garden, planting something or visiting a local garden open to the public - how will you celebrate?

Garden Day is intended to bring South Africans together to appreciate and enjoy one of life’s simplest but most profound pleasures – gardening. The day is also intended to establish a strong gardening movement amongst South Africans and to encourage youngsters to take up gardening and appreciate its rewards.

Another important reason to celebrate Garden Day is that gardening is scientifically proven to have positive effects on our health, both mentally and physically. According to Professor Paul Dolan, a UK economist and behavioural scientist, gardeners and florists are the happiest of all the professions ? much happier than people in more prestigious and better paying jobs.

To prepare your garden for the big day, download the free app Gardening with Babylonstoren from the Garden Day website You’ll have access to a library of gardening information, suggestions and gardening experts.

Ideas on how to celebrate

If you’re celebrating with friends and family:

  • Instead of a book club, have a plant club. Ask guests to bring a rare and interesting plant. You then swap it with one of the other guests.
  • Invite friends for a bring-and-braai and use herbs from the garden to flavour their meat.
  • Host a tea party on the lawn.
  • Have a garden scavenger hunt.
  • Host an outdoor dinner party where every dish contains an ingredient from your garden.
  • Make seed bombs with the kids.
  • Play games in the garden ? soccer, boules, volleyball, chess or fly a kite.

If you’re celebrating alone

  • Read a book
  • Practice yoga or Tai Chi
  • Set up an easel and paint
  • Visit a garden centre and enjoy the surroundings.

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