Strategy? No, faith & hope

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03 June 2011

‘‘I didn’t have a strategy when I went to the island,’’ Hykie says. ‘‘I get damn angry when people talk about my so-called strategy.’’

The happy winner of R1 million says he had only faith, hope and a lucky pebble from friend to help him win.

‘‘I was true to myself. I didn’t stab anyone in the back. I didn’t break a promise. And I didn’t look one person in the eye and lie,’’ he says.

It’s not the first time the 33-year-old has had to fight to survive. Drug addiction nearly destroyed his life and career but he overcame it and has been clean for four years.

Hykie, who plays Dr Conrad Bester on soapie Binneland, had no second thoughts about signing up for Survivor.

‘‘I’m the kind of guy who heads for the bush for a holiday. I don’t go to luxury resorts.’’

So he was unfazed by the lack of facilities on the island. ‘‘I’ll spend a week in the bush without bathing or shaving once,’’ he says. ‘‘I love it.’’

Hunger was something else.

‘‘You become obsessive about food. When you go to bed you see that slice of chocolate cake or burger in front of you.’’

Actress Bonnie Henna was his support during the series and they often came to each other’s rescue.

‘‘On the 10th day Bonnie and I were sitting on a log on the beach,’’ Hykie recalls. ‘‘She told me about her past and the mistakes she’d made and I spoke about my drug addiction and past. She has a heart of gold.’’

He also respects runner-up Letshego Moshoeu. ‘‘She’s one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. Both of them deserve the title ‘ultimate survivor’ more than I do.’’

Hykie wants to start a poverty-relief campaign called Don’t Just Survive – Thrive. ‘‘I want to use what happened on the island to support issues close to my heart,’’ he says.

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