Stuck in a professional rut? Here are tips to help find your best future job

31 May 2017

You need to choose a profession that will be relevant in the years to come.

In a fast-changing business world, it's important – now more than ever – to future-proof your career.

This means choosing a profession that will be relevant in the years to come.

“Compared to the first quarter of 2016, there has been less movement in the marketplace, despite an increase in the demand for candidates,” says Marc Privett, from the leading online career portal Careers24*.

“It is a good market for candidates, but they are being cautious, which could be driven by economic uncertainty.”

If a shaky economy is keeping you in a job that suits you now, but won’t necessarily be commercially relevant five years from now, it’s time to face the music and start plotting your next move.

Here are tips from Careers24 to help you find your best future job:

  • Find out about companies – Company reviews from people who are or have been working there will give you great insight into the culture, benefits and career development opportunities offered.
  • Register to receive job alerts – Stay up to date with the positions offered in your industry and the key requirements for similar or higher level positions than your current one. This will help you to identify the skills you need to develop. You can upload your CV and note the industries and type of positions you are interested in on career portals such as Careers24.
  • Keep on learning – Read about changes in your industry and the marketplace to stay informed about new technology and the skills required to adapt to the different way in which business will be conducted in the future. Register for an online course which can be a time and cost effective way to improve your knowledge and skills while working full time.
  • Keep your CV updated and available – Regularly update your CV with your most recent experience, new skills or training acquired and make sure you have an electronic copy available for uploading to apply for a job.

*YOU Magazine and Careers24 are both owned by Media24.

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