Student legally changes name and gets new passport to avoid paying extra airline fee

By Samantha Luiz
09 June 2015

A student legally changed his name because it would be cheaper than fixing a booking error on an airline ticket.

Adam Armstrong (19) is travelling to Ibiza next week with his girlfriend and family members using Irish airline Ryanair.

His girlfriend’s stepfather mistakenly book a seat for him using his Facebook name ‘Adam West’, and had to pay £220 (R4200) - double the price of his flight - in order to fix the booking error.

“Her stepdad got my name from Facebook but I had put it as Adam West as a joke, because he was the actor who played Batman on TV,” said Adam.

Rather than pay the “ridiculous” charge, Adam went on deed poll and legally changed his name to Adam West for free and picked up a new passport.

The airline responded: “A name change fee is charged in order to discourage and prevent unauthorised online travel agents from ‘screenscraping’ Ryanair’s cheapest fares and reselling them on to unwitting consumers at hugely inflated costs.”


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