Students invent radiation deflecting underwear

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09 March 2016

A recent Israeli study analysed how electromagnetic radiation from phones may damage male virility, with researchers claiming links between mobile phone use and sperm concentration.

In response to the findings, a group of Munich Business School graduates have designed boxers with material incorporating silver wire, which apparently provides a degree of protection from radiation pulses.

The inventors of Kronjuwelen (Crown Jewels) shorts claim their innovative fabric does not let 98% of mobile phone radiation pass through, and in addition, it has the same effect for other radiation, such as WiFi.

The shorts cost 30 euros (R508.40) and are aimed to fill a gap in the underwear sector. They also target fashion-conscious men who want a comfortable and trendy short that, at the same time, are concerned for their fertility.

The inventors are Peer-Boy Matthiesen, 34, Daniel Herter, 31, Nick Piepenburg, 31, and Berno Delius, also 31.

On their website, Berno writes that the group believes they have made a "significant step" to provide all men with safer underwear.

“We are neither radiologists, physicists, nor cancer researchers, and we cannot finally determine the risks of mobile phone radiation,” he sates. “And yet, we did not want to live with these potential risks anymore and hence, dedicated our free time over the last year to develop the Kronjuwelen shorts.”

While Nick adds that the boxer shorts were very comfortable to wear.

“After we found the right material composition and received the certificate from the university, we spent huge amounts of effort to improve the design and comfort of our shorts,” he said.

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