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13 January 2014

Our fashion blogger, Guy About Town, talks to singer Heinz Winckler about his style – and learns a thing or two.

AS ONE of South Africa’s best-known entertainers Heinz Winckler is not only a singing sensation but also a style icon. He won South Africas fírst Idols in 2001 and is today one of the best-known voices in Afrikaans music. Heinz’s striking outfits on- and off-stage makes him our third Guy About Town Style Icon. Read what he has to say about his style. Heinz, it’s Guy About Town’s opinion that you’re not only an Idol but also a Style Icon in your own right. What do you think? Thanks! Man, what I know is that I love stylish clothes and have an eye for durable stuff. I don’t always have the budget for what I would like to wear, but with my instinct and my wife’s talent and job [Aletté-Johanni is an image consultant and stylist], and with the help of [Gauteng designer] Diaan Daniels, I’m happy with how I look most of the time. If others are too, that’s a bonus. Heinz en Aletté-Johanni Do you think South African men have style? Difficult to judge about 25 million men . . . But if we look only at the SA entertainment industry I would say men’s grooming and style have improved in the past five years. There is definitely a stronger awareness of what is stylish and men are going to more trouble to keep up with trends. Many SA men regard shorts and T-shirts as high fashion. Do you think they’re right? Shorts and T-shirt are practical in hot, sunny South Africa; I frequently wear this in summer. But as with all things, there are shorts and there are shorts. You can look stylish in well-cut pants made of good material and a matching T-shirt with a conpemporary print on it that goes with your personality. What you wear on your feet is more obvious with shorts and is important. I prefer a pair of hidden socks and colourful sneakers that work with the shorts and shirt.

‘I can’t understand why people want to wear prints featuring skulls’
Your personal style seems to be comfortable but also that of a city slicker. Yes, I’m probably a city slicker, although I regard myself more as a town slicker because I’ve spent most of my life in Stellenbosch. I believe I can adapt to different circumstances but I’m most comfortable in attractive, comfortable clothes. What or who invluences your personal style? I love Italian styles for suits and shirts and then I think these guys have great taste: I love Italian styles for suits and shirts and I think these guys have great taste: Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt (especially his character in Ocean’s Eleven), Justin Timberlake, David Beckham and Ryan Gosling. Locally I think Nico Panagio and Danny K have awesome style. Which do you prefer?

Winter or summer? Summer

Beach or cocktail? Beach

Flip-flops or lace-up shoes? Flip Flops

What are the five must-have intems in every man’s wardrobe?

  • A classic black evening suit made espacially for you.
  • One white and one black evening shirt, also especially made for you.
  • A pair of quality leather shoes (which you preferably clean regularly; I’m preaching to myself too).
  • An attractive scarf, preferably colourful, that goes with a few things in your wardrobe.

Who buys your clothes?

I’m married to an image consultant and stylist. So I have an unfair advantage . . . I like to think I have a good instinct for stuff, but she’s a great help and if she isn’t buying clothing with me she sometimes surprises me with something new.

Guy About Town’s much-loved Aunt Miems can’t stand dusty shoes. Do you feel the same?

I can’t stand the tendency to include skulls in designs. You see it everywhere and I just can’t understand it. A skull symbolises death – why would you want to carry it around with you? Your music videos are always a style inspiration. Who styles you or decides what you wear? The general feel of the music video is important to me, and what every character, musician – and I – wear plays a role in that. Various people have helped with that. [Well-known director] Pierre Smith has made most of my Afrikaans music videos and I usually work with his team to get the look. With the last few videos my wife and I worked together on proposals. With limited budgets it’s a challenge but we’re usually satisfied with the end result. What Guy About Town has to say about Heinz’ style

1 He knows how to choose his shirt and collar

Heinz combines a simple, white shirt with a stylish black jacket with a stripe in it. This look is perfect for a stylish evening out. Guy About Town has often written about the diversity of the white shirt and with this outfit  Heinz emphasises its power. Note the wide collar, which works well without a tie. Add a black tie and the outfit is formal.

2 He knows how to attract attention with his clothes

If you want to attract attention a formal jacket with an interesting pattern on it is just the thing. Heinz’ striking  jacket with its squares motif is spot on. Symmetrical patterns have dominated the fashion ramps for the past few seasons. Heinz’s jacket has white outlining and an interesting sleeve finish that emphasises its uniqueness. You won’t find this jacket in just any shop. Combine a jacket like this with a simple shirt because too many patterns will make you look more like an optical illusion than a style icon. Heinz is in the spotlight and so is his jacket.

3 He knows how to combine patterns and textures

Look, few things impress Guy About Town as much as a man who can wear a scarf correctly. Heinz’s look is comfortable and stylish. He combines different textures (leather and fabric) to create a modern look. His combination of different patterns (scarf and T-shirt) work together well because the two patterns don’t fight each other for attention. Heinz’s scarf is the focal point of this look. He provides the finishing touches with a black leather jacket that breaks the various patterns. Guy about Town believes a scarf in a different colour would work just as well with this outfit.

4 He knows how to be smart, stylish and comfortable at the same time A personality that is in the public eye constantly should wear clothes that he is comfortable in, but that still makes him look good. Look, Guy About Town’s friends are unanimous: Comfort and style don’t always go together. Heinz’s outfit demonstrates an important point: the moment you aren’t comfortable in your own clothes, everyone will see that your are uncomfortable. His striking tie with an almost paisley motive (big fashion news at the moment!) is the focal point of his outfit. His colourful shirt makes the formal outfit a bit more casual. He could have worn a white or black shirt with this outfit, but that would have made everything much more formal. Note the detail on Heinz’s suit! Guy About Town has previously discussed how striking double stitching on the edges of a jacket is. In Heinz’s suit it is very subtle, but immediately striking. By wearing a colour shirt he is making a clear point: Formal does not have to be boring. Guy About Town must mention, thought, that for a very formal occasion a white shirt is the choice of preference. Guy about Town says Heinz is an icon on the music scene, but when it comes to style he is definitely an icon too. With his unique formal outfits and interesting combinastions of colour and patters he manages to draw attention. Truly a Style Icon! On the Guy About Town scale Heinz gets... . . . Ten out of ten!


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