Suit up for Skunk Anansie’s SA show

By admin
04 October 2013

WHO remembers belting out Skunk Anansie at the top of their lungs to deal with all kinds of teenage angst and issues? If you haven’t yet heard you’ll be glad to know they’re in South Africa and are performing in Joburg this weekend as part of the Vodacom In The City night out.

How cool?

British band Skunk Anansie at a press conference at Melrose Arch this morning.

Lead singer Skin and guitarist Cass were at a press conference earlier this morning and are super excited to be performing in SA. Maybe not as excited as we are to be hearing them live . . .

Lead singer, Skin, is happy to be in SA and excited about performing.

YOU will of course be at the concert and will be giving you live updates from the gig. Follow us on @YOUmagazine for live updates.

- Jessica Levitt @jesslevitt

Meanwhile, listen to our three favourite Skunk Anansie tracks:

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