Summer is all about beautiful skin

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08 November 2013

Veet gives 3 top summer hair removal tips for those who love to show some skin.

It is summer time, which brings hot and sunny weather that makes for fun in the sun. It is a chance to dress up in floaty summer dresses, rock nude heels that show off smooth sexy legs and bust out your bikini for a day at the pool or beach.

The one thing that will make looking fabulous this summer easy is an effective hair removal beauty routine. And it needn’t be a chore. Veet offers easy tricks for beautiful and touchable smooth skin for summer:

Glowing legs

One way to get a golden and even glow on your legs is to use one of the new gradual-build self-tanning moisturizers daily. Another tip from one of Veet Beauty Secrets ambassadors Poppy Ntshongwana is to use a bit of bronzer and shimmer on your legs, adding a lovely colour and shine to them.

Smooth all over

Stubble on the bikini area isn’t a good look, nor is it very comfortable! You could let the hair grow out for a few days so the hair can break out of the bumps, or you can make use of ingrown hair and stubble busting methods such as regular exfoliation and using moisturising hair removal creams or waxing instead of abrasive shaving. Another method that can help with getting rid of ingrown hairs is to compress the affected skin with a warm, wet facecloth, which will enable the hair to rise to the surface for easy removal.

Do not scratch stubble or ingrown hairs, as this might break the skin and could lead to infection and scarring. You might also like to try treating the area with Aloe Vera gel to eliminate the chances of the area getting infected. Veet’s range of products for sensitive skin, include Aloe Vera and vitamin E for extra skin nourishment.

That underarm shadow isn’t cute

Using any of the products from the Veet range regularly will ensure that the hair grows back more fine and sparse, making the dreaded underarm shadow a lot less visible. You could also try a homemade remedy - potatoes, cucumbers and lemons are some food products that contain anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that lighten skin naturally. Simply cut the fruit/vegetable in half and wipe over your underarm before you go to sleep.


BY: Lerato Seoue – beauty editor Huisgenoot, YOU & Drum

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