Sunday Rapist murder: mom’s grief

By admin
21 October 2011

On 12 October, just a few hundred metres from her home in Bergbron, Johannesburg, the so-called Sunday Rapist abducted 16-year-old Louise de Waal, raped and murdered her, then burnt her body. Her charred remains were found a few hours later under bushes on a farm near Krugersdorp.

YOU’s Danél Blaauw talked to her devastated mom, Shireen, who didn’t want to believe the fate that had befallen her daughter - until she was confronted with a white coffin at the funeral parlour.

“I so badly wanted to hold her one last time and give her a kiss and a hug. I wanted to tell her how much I loved her,” she says, then starts weeping uncontrollably. “But I did; I did it all while she was still here.”

As she stood next to the coffin Shireen realised she had to accept that her daughter was gone for good. But she will never forgive the perpetrator.

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