Super-fan undergoes 23 surgeries to look like Superman

By Samantha Luiz
01 July 2015

Herbert Chavez decided he wanted to be just like Superman when he was 5 years old.

The 37-year-old man, from the Philippine, has then spent about 18 years of his life transforming himself to look like his childhood hero. The super-fan has had nose jobs, skin-whitening, liposuction, jaw realignment, pec implants, bum implants and fillers to transform into the Man of Steel.
'What I want is to give them inspiration'

“I like to show to the people, especially the children of the Philippines that I’m here. Superman is real,” Herbert said.

“What I want is to give them inspiration. To give hope.”

So far, his surgeries have set him back over R80 000.

However, his obsession is turning into his Kryptonite. In a bid to get the superhero’s famous abs, he started injecting himself with illegal substance called MesoLipo. As a result he has developed spots and bumps all over his body as revealed in his appearance in TV show Botched.

This hasn’t deterred the fanatic though, requesting more surgery to define his abs.

“This Superman needs to get into the gym,” said Dr Dubrow, refusing to perform surgery on Herbert.

“Abs of steel should be gained by exercising and eating right.”

Despite this, he denies plastic surgery will be his downfall.

“Everything that has happened in my life has been positive and because of Superman. When my body says it cannot endure it anymore or when my doctor says that my body cannot handle it because of age, then I will stop.”


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