Super-fit mom of five slammed for setting 'unrealistic expectations' for mothers

By Pam Magwaza
10 April 2017

People think the 34-year-old is lying about having given birth to her five children herself. 

Internet users cannot believe this UK fitness model is actually a mom of five kids below the age of 10. Simone Gately's Instagram and YouTube is so sultry that it has led people to think the 34-year-old is lying about having given birth to her five children herself.  In trying to social media to encourage mothers to get into shape and take care of their bodies, she managed to ruffle some feathers.

Critics say she's setting an unrealistic standard for mothers, "who have better things to do than build muscle".

"I hated the article I saw about you. Moms WORK. They can't stay home and do whatever they want. They wake up 6 am and get home at 6 pm. That's why they can't focus on muscles," one YouTube user commented. Muscular people die earlier anyway so it's all vanity." However, the response hasn't been all bad. She has become an inspiration for some as she shares that she throughout her pregnancies she gained and lost about 114 kg and still juggles her intense workout routines with taking care of her five little ones -- Summer (10), Chester (8),  Blossom (7), India (6) and Minnie (3).

She started an Instagram page recently to document her fitness journey and reach more people with her story and -- 40 thousand followers later -- her page is extremely successful.
Simone is also married to Professor of Exercise and Obesity at Leeds Beckett University, Paul Gately -- which she says has benefited her tremendously when it comes to fitness advice. She also has a degree in sport and exercise science.
She ran the Daily Mail through a normal day for her as a fitness mom. "Typically, my day starts at 6 am with some sort of run or walk and includes the school run, helping with homework, running to the store, organising parties and activities, while also managing to squeeze in a workout at home.” She then emphasised that she does not use her fitness to make other mothers feel bad about themselves at all.

"Women shouldn’t feel pressure to spring back into shape straight after having babies and should take time to settle into motherhood.”

She continued, "With the right guidance and support busy mums can fit in exercise, but it just takes some planning and organisation."

Source: The Daily Mail, Instagram, Viral Thread

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