Super, simple summer slimming tips

By admin
15 October 2013

Getting your body in shape for summer can be easy.

With summer quickly approaching, most of us want to shed a few kilograms that may have slowly accumulated over the chilly winter months. By changing your diet routine just slightly you’ll see results!

  • Good start

Studies show that eating breakfast shows great benefits for weight loss. Start your day with a bowl of fresh fruit and plain low-fat yogurt; wholegrain, low-sugar cereal; or a poached egg on rye.

  • Keep grazing

Don’t stop eating! Go for small, regular meals and never skip one. Maintaining constant blood-sugar levels throughout the day will prevent you falling into the trap of overeating at your next meal when you’re ravenous.

  • Be prepared

Pack your lunch each day, and avoid the temptation of the mostly high-fat and over-sized portions from takeaways, and convenience meals from the supermarket. Include healthy snacks such as vegetable crudités, fresh fruit, nuts or a low-fat yogurt, and always make sure your lunch includes lots of fresh vegetables, a low-fat protein and a wholegrain, high-fibre carbohydrate.

  • Portion control

A trick to control portion size is to use a smaller plate. Half the plate should be filled with vegetables or salad. When eating at a restaurant, skip the chips in favour of veggies or salad, and don’t be afraid to ask for a “doggy bag”.

  • Drink up

Keep hydrated ? thirst is often mistaken for hunger. Adequate daily fluid intake is about three litres for men and 2,2 litres for women. Get most of it from fresh, clean water and avoid sugary fizzy drinks and fruit juices, as these add unnecessary calories.

  • Get active!

Increasing your physical activity will speed up your metabolism and burn calories. Include at least 20 minutes of exercise daily, and you’ll see a difference in no time.

Source: Helen de Beer, Dnalysis Biotechnology client relationship manager and dietician

Helen graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BSc in dietetics in 2007. After working in private practice for a few years, she went on to complete a marketing management diploma through the University of Cape Town. Helen has a special interest in functional nutrition and nutrigenomics and has keenly been growing her knowledge in these fields. She’s passionate about achieving optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle, and helping her clients achieve their lifestyle and weight goals. Visit for more helpful information on nutrition. Share your thoughts:

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