SuperSport deny being in talks with Joost

By admin
19 April 2011

After Joost van der Westhuizen was a guest on a SuperSport-programme two weeks ago, most of us were wondering if the Former Bok and Blue Bull, is back on the channel.

That is not so according to SuperSport communications Manager Clinton van der Berg.

“To clarify, Joost isn’t back with SuperSport. Two weeks ago he was merely a guest on a show that looked back at past Rugby World Cups” says Clinton.

And they are not in talks with him about a new contract.

“SuperSport isn’t negotiating anything with him. We’ve had little feedback to him being on air, with only a few people mentioning it as a point of interest.”

This after Joosts manager Bridget van Oerle said to Rapport they are still testing the waters to see how the fans will react to him being back on TV. Bridget is out of the country and didn’t reply to requests for comment from

Joost was fired from SuperSport in 2009 after a sex tape scandal which led to his separation from singer Amor Vittone.

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