Surgeon facing secret cancer battle worked until just two days before she died

By Saskia Hill
06 December 2016

When she lost her battle against cancer of the bile duct her family and colleagues were shocked because she’d told no one she had cancer.

Two days before her death Sarah Prince was still working as a surgeon in a Scottish hospital.

Sarah (43) was told she had terminal cancer in September this year. But she wanted to live out her last days as normally as possible so she decided not to tell her colleagues at the Belford Hospital in Fort William about the disease.

Her husband, Patrick Byrne, also a doctor, announced the heartbreaking news of her death on Facebook. “Although you will, she and I would want you not to grieve at her passing but rather celebrate how much she lived life to the maximum,” he wrote.

“She had been ill for the past two months but she wanted to preserve as much normality as possible to her last few moments and this is why she told nobody and asked that we keep it as confidential as possible,” Patrick told the Daily Record.


“She worked until two days before her death and you all gave her the normality and banter that she enjoyed.”

She was a determined and intelligent person who cared, Patrick said.

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