Surviving in paradise

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15 April 2011

They make a stunning couple; even the vase of yellow roses on the table looks dull in comparison.Nico and Christi Panagio are the kind of people who invariably attract second glances wherever they go.

As presenter of Survivor South Africa: Maldives (currently on M-Net at 7.30 pm on Thursdays) Nico (37) is a regular on TV but seeing him in real life is so much better.

This time around he was lucky to have his willowy wife, Christi (33), along for company while working in the tropical paradise

Nico, usually warm and full of fun, knew he had to keep his distance in the Maldives.

“Do you know how often I felt like giving one of the contestants a hug? But I had to be impartial and there were rules to follow.”

“I was able to prove myself to the producers during the previous season [season 3, filmed on an island off Mozambique]. This time around they gave me more free rein but with that came major stress. Fortunately I had the support of the entire creative team. And some things have to happen spontaneously – that’s the secret of good reality TV.”

It’s a demanding job, he says.

“When we’re not on set we’re checking challenges to see what could go wrong. I also have to be able to see when the contestants make mistakes and pull them up.”

Was it all work and no play in the Maldives?

“Just give him a beer,” Christi jokes. “No, we also had some wonderful together time. We snorkelled and in the evenings when he’d finished shooting we watched Brothers & Sisters – we took along the entire series. I also had the best tuna ever while we were there.”

Survivor teaches you important life lessons, Nico says on a more serious note. “As the saying goes, ‘No man is an island’. It’s a wonderful metaphor for life as you’ll see later in the season as the dynamics develop.”

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