Survivor: Harry Wiggins

By admin
08 April 2011

He's a mathematician who’s used to making calculated decisions in his life, but some of the mistakes Suvivor: Maldives pleb Harry Wigginsmade on the island has left much to the imagination!

The 27 year old Capetonian will go down in Survivor history as the person who found a hidden immunity idol and lost it, a move which may have ultimately cost him the title of Ultimate Survivor!

“Yes I’m a very rational person, but I’m also a bit of a scatterbrain,” admits Harry, who was voted off the Goma tribe in last night’s episode of the hit Mnet reality show.

“When I found the hidden immunity idol, I was so excited but also a bit paranoid about my other tribe mates finding hit, so I hid it three times!”

But it wasn’t a case of third time lucky for Harry, when he soon realised he could not remember where his ticket to immunity was hidden. “All the trees looked alike,’ he admits sheepishly.

After 17 days on the island, Harry, who was regarded as one of the physically weakest contestants on the Goma tribe, was voted off in a blindside by his entire tribe.

“I can’t believe my alliance betrayed me like that,” he adds scornfully. “I was extremely loyal, pulled my weight around camp, and was completely honest with everyone. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t allowed to go further in the game.”

A self-proclaimed Survivor Superfan, Harry has been watching the hit series for ten years.

“I’ve religiously followed the US, UK, Australian and local series and have always wanted to compete,” he says. “If Mnet called me up now and told me I had to be on a plane in an hour to play Survivor again, I would do it in a heartbeat!”

His aim was to be friendly and create as many friendships with his tribe mates as possible, but he admits that some people were harder to get to know than others. “I didn’t click with the celebrities at all,” he admits.

Hykie (Berg) regarded me as a weakling and really underestimated me. I would have loved to have made it to merge and the individual immunity challenges, so that I could have been able to showcase my physical power as well as my mental strengths!”

He admits that life on the island was tough, but he’s glad he’s had the opportunity to live the Survivor dream. “It’s surreal watching myself on television playing Survivor; it’s a dream come true,” he boasts.

And his screen time has also translated into popularity in real life. “People notice me all the time now and my students love the fact that their maths lecturer is on television!”

Harry lectures first year engineering students at the University of Cape Town, and admits that the subject matter of his Friday morning lectures have very little to do with maths! “My students watch the show religiously and the next day they’re full of questions; I love it!”

He says that he hoped his tribe mates would have focussed less on the scheming and more on the survival component of the game.

“There were two alpha males in the tribe – Tejan (Pillay) and Hykie, and people spent more time forming alliances or backstabbing, than hunting for food!” Harry admits he would have loved to have been able to fish and provide food for his tribe, in the hope that he would have been seen as an asset.

“I tried my best and even though I didn’t get as far as I would have liked to in the game, I have wonderful memories of my time on the island and the friendships I’ve made!”

And while he waits in anticipation for the call to return to Survivor, perhaps for a local All Stars edition, we hope that Harry gets a second chance to redeem himself in the eyes of Survivor fans, by not losing the immunity idol a second time!

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