Survivor: I hated being dirty!

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19 February 2010

She is Survivor’s little loudmouth, short in stature but big on telling it like it is.

Her no-holds-barred comments might irk some of her tribemates but her tough-cookie attitude makes her entertaining to watch. And what you see on Survivor South Africa: Santa Carolina is the real her, feisty Sade Giliberti says.

“It’s me to a tee,” she declares, ushering us into the living room of her townhouse in North Riding, Johannesburg.

“I’m the kind of person who always speaks the truth, which a lot of people don’t appreciate. You either like me or you don’t. Either way I don’t care.”

She’s a pretty tough chick, the 1,6-m-tall dynamo says.

“Just because I’m little doesn’t mean I can’t do the challenges. Being on Survivor was my way of proving small people can be dynamite if we need to be.”

Her role in the Chibudu tribe quickly became that of Oyster Queen. “No one could get oysters off the rocks like me,” she boasts.

“I’d come back with 50. The others would go oyster hacking and come back with 50 cuts. I love oysters. They’re such a delicacy for me – although I haven’t eaten one since the show.”

She can’t reveal how far she goes in the reality show but insider buzz is the 24-year-old isn’t leaving anytime soon.

What she will say is she doubts she’ll put herself through something like that again.

Read the full article in the YOU of 25 February 2010.

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