Survivor is back

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31 May 2013

Twenty people battle it out over 39 days for the ultimate prize – to be the sole survivor of Survivor: Redemption Island.

Don’t miss the premiere of season 22 of your favourite competitive reality TV series! Eighteen new castaways are divided into two tribes, Ometepe and Zapatera. And they’re joined by returning contestants "Boston" Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz who’ve previously appeared together on Survivor: Heroes vs Villains. (It’s Rob’s fourth appearance on Survivor and Russell's third.)

While the other 18 players were assigned tribes prior to the start of the game, Rob and Russell draw to determine which tribe they join. By the fate of a random draw, Rob joins Ometepe and Russell Zapatera.

The game changer this season is when a contestant is voted off the tribe, instead of leaving the game, he or she is taken to the area known as Redemption Island ? a secluded location where they’ll have to sustain themselves in the same manner as when living with the tribe: that is, living with limited food, water and shelter. When the next contestant is voted off that person is also sent to Redemption Island.

And in the spirit of second chances, those two people will then face off in a duel watched by two members from each of the two tribes. The winner remains in the game and is allowed to continue living at Redemption Island. And the loser? Well, he or she is sent home.

At a pre-determined point in the game, the person remaining at Redemption Island will have a chance to return to the game and be reunited with the remaining players.

The show is hosted by award-winning host Jeff Probst and produced by SEG, Inc.

Catch Survivor: Redemption Island from 3 June at 8.30 pm on SABC3.

-Faiza Mallick

Source: SABC3

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