Survivor’s Craig tells us all

By admin
05 February 2010

He was the most disliked guy on Santa Carolina. From the moment CRAIG JACOBS set foot in Mozambique he became Survivor’s Mr Know-It-All but the journalist-turned-fashionista survived nine days before his Chibudu tribemates kicked him off the island.

So what does Craig think of how he came across on TV? “I think it was incredibly funny,” he says. “I was just being myself, not another person playing for the cameras.”

So is he that bossy in real life too? “Some of my friends said, ‘It’s a reflection of you’, but it’s only one dimension of my personality.

Craig (35), who owns an events company and is creative director of the Fundudzi clothing label, says he was a bit naive when it came to playing the game and that next time he’d bite his tongue.

For the full article read the 11 February edition of YOU magazine.

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