Susan Sarandon changed her phone number after post-election leak

17 April 2017

She was outraged when Hillary Clinton was chosen instead as the party's candidate for president.

Susan Sarandon had to change her cell phone number to avoid a potential hack after her details were leaked following last year's controversial U.S. presidential election.

The Thelma & Louise star had been a vocal campaigner for Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders, and she was outraged when Hillary Clinton was chosen instead as the party's candidate for president, pitting her against Republican Donald Trump.

Susan was so disillusioned by the former U.S. First Lady and Secretary of State's politics, she backed Green Party nominee Jill Stein in November's election - but her decision didn't sit well with Clinton supporters, who accused voters like the actress of splitting the Democratic votes into key swing states and helping property mogul and reality TV star Trump claim victory.

The actress found herself under attack on social media, and the backlash became all the more intense when her phone number was leaked, leading to unwanted calls from angry Clinton voters.

"I had to change my phone number," Susan explained on U.S. talk show The View. "The Hillary people were like, 'Are you happy now?'."

The 70-year-old admits she "would have ridden out" the personal criticism if it hadn't been for her tech-savvy sons Jack, 27, and Miles, 24, with her ex-partner Tim Robbins.

"My sons explained to me that once they (cyber criminals) have your number, they can hack into everything, so I had to change my phone number," she said. "I'm still trying to remember my new number, 'cause I had that one for so long!"

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