Susan Sarandon threw her knickers at director

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20 June 2014

Susan Sarandon admits she was so angry with Paul Mazursky when she was filming The Tempest in 1982 that she threw her knickers at his face.

Susan Sarandon once threw her knickers at a director. The 67-year-old actress admits she was so fed up with Paul Mazursky while she was filming The Tempest, in which she played Aretha Tomalin, in 1982 that she took her underwear off and hurled them at his face.

'It was so stupid. I was young. And braless'
Speaking to the USA Today newspaper, she explained: "When I was doing 'The Tempest', I had a lot of scenes, and I had just a little pair of white underpants (on) and a T-shirt. And at one point -- it was very uncomfortable; it was (opposite) John Cassavetes -- Paul turned to me and said, 'Those underpants are too on the nose.' And that was like, the final straw for me. I took them off and [she mimics throwing them at the director]. And then walked away. And as I walked away, I remember thinking, 'Whoa, that was not a good idea!' "

However, the brunette beauty insists she regrets her behaviour now and puts it down to being young and immature.

She said: "It was so stupid. I was young. And braless. That was at the time when I don't know why no one ever said, 'Why don't you all start putting your bras back on?' It was just like, the time."

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