Suspected thief dies after getting stuck in chimney

By Petrus Malherbe
30 November 2015

A suspected burglar in Fresno, in the American state of California, died over the weekend when he got stuck in a chimney and the homeowner unsuspectingly lit a fire in the grate.

The local Sheriff, Lieutenant Brandon Pursell, said the homeowner heard screams shortly after lighting the fire and immediately called the police.

The house quickly filled with smoke and the homeowner tried in vain to put out the fire.

Firemen arrived with the police and they could hear the suspected burglar breathing and moving around in the chimney. The firemen hacked open the chimney’s brickwork but were too late. When they found the man he was dead.

The dead man’s name was not publicised immediately. An investigation revealed that the man could have got stuck in the chimney the night before while trying to gain access to the house.

The homeowner wasn’t at home at the time. When he lit the fire the next day he was allegedly unaware someone was stuck in the chimney.

The investigation continues.

Sources: Daily Mail; NY Daily News; Sky News

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