Take a wild guess at how old this woman really is

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08 July 2015

Guess how old this woman is -- late 20s, early 30s?

Guess how old this woman is -- late 20s, early 30s? 

Believe it or not, Pamela Jacobs of Leeds, in England, is 52.

Pamela certainly turns heads thanks to her beautiful skin, long dark hair and slim waist, which are enough to make many younger women jealous. She’s used to being mistaken for a student and is regularly offered a student discount on her train tickets.


Pamela has a son, Marley Jacobs-Saddler (21), who doesn’t like the fact that Pamela, who is single, attracts so much attention from younger men. Even worse, sometimes they’re mistaken for boyfriend and girlfriend.

Pamela says the secret of her youthful appearance is a healthy diet free of sugar and pasta. She exercises at least once a week.


Her other big secret is coconut oil. She rubs it into her skin twice a day and uses it to cook with. She also never leaves her house without applying suntan lotion.

Sources: Daily Mail; Yahoo

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