Take part in our new campaign, YOU Do!, to make a difference

By admin
17 November 2014

But we know South Africa is filled with wonderful, positive stories of togetherness and Ubuntu – and we’d love to hear more of it!

It’s all too easy to get caught up in negativity and be depressed about life if you read the headlines and hang out on social media for too long.

If you’re one of those people making a difference in someone’s life or your community, we want to hear from you. Or if you know of someone who’s an absolute unsung hero for everything they do for others, now’s the time to let them shine.

Whether it’s standing up to bullies, cooking meals for those less privileged or reading to kids or the elderly near your home – no good deed is too small to mention.


YOU hopes with our new YOU DO! campaign South Africans will be inspired by those who are doing good for others. And hopefully their stories will inspire you to pay it forward by doing something nice for someone else yourself.

Send your stories to youdo@you.co.za and it could get published. Come on South Africa, let’s stop just moaning and groaning or talking about doing good – let’s YOU DO!

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