Taking control of your cholesterol

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14 February 2014

The people of Villiersdorp are taking control and learning how to manage their cholesterol


Flora wants to help the people of Villiersdorp lower their cholestrol. An excellent way to lower it by five per cent is to eat healthily and follow an exercise plan. For even better results include Flora pro.activ in your diet – it can help lower cholesterol levels by 15 per cent in 21 days.

How does it work?  

Cholesterol travels through your blood, attached to protein particles called lipoprotein. There are two types of cholesterol – high-density (HDL) and low-density (LDL) lipoprotein. HDL is “good” cholesterol while LDL is “bad” cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is produced by the liver and transported to other body tissues. LDL levels should be kept low at all times.

High cholesterol can occur when you eat too much saturated fats, causing LDL levels to rise. Clots form against artery walls and become a thick, hard layer. If not removed it could restrict blood flow, leading to strokes and heart attacks. HDL is transferred from body cells to the liver where it’s broken down. HDL is high in protein but low in cholesterol, which means it’s “good” cholesterol.

Statins vs sterols

One of the ways to reduce the production of cholesterol is by taking prescribed medication called statins. For optimum health and even better results in lowering cholesterol, use statins in combination with plant sterols, a balanced diet and regular exercise. In this way you can reduce LDL cholesterol by an additional 10 to 15 per cent.

Include plant sterol-enriched foods such as Flora pro.activ in your diet when you’re on cholesterol medication.

They help to maximise the cholesterol-reducing process. Both statins and plant sterols are effective and although they function differently when used together, they’re designed to give the same results. The sterols in Flora pro.activ help to partially block the absorption of cholesterol in the gut and remove it from the body while statins help to prevent the production of cholesterol altogether.

What makes Flora pro.activ so effective?

Flora pro.activ spread contains plant sterols which have been clinically proven to significantly lower cholesterol. Plant sterols are found naturally in small quantities in vegetable oils, seeds, vegetables and fruit. Eating 25 g of Flora pro.activ a day is equivalent to eating 150 apples, 210 carrots or 425 tomatoes.

How does Flora pro.activ work?

The plant sterols in Flora pro.activ make it different to other spreads. These sterols help the body to actively remove cholesterol by partially blocking the absorption of cholesterol in the gut. Not all the cholesterol is absorbed and what remains is removed from the body, resulting in lower cholesterol levels. The result is that “good” cholesterol levels are kept high and “bad” cholesterol levels low.

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