Tarzan of the Outeniqua mountains

By admin
30 December 2011

He swings effortlessly from tree to tree as his bloodcurdling cry echoes through the forest, swims swollen rivers and surveys his kingdom from the back of an elephant.

Is it Tarzan? No, it’s De Wet du Toit of the Outeniqua Mountains whose dream it is to become Hollywood’s next king of the jungle.

Film giant Warner Bros is looking for a new actor to play Edgar Rice Burroughs’ legendary character and De Wet (24) believes he was born to fill the role.

He’s even made a short video of himself as Tarzan, and it’s received more than 10 000 hits on YouTube. It’s provoked nasty comments rather than silver-screen fame, though.

But give up? No way! De Wet, who lives in George, still spends three days a week in the forest perfecting his Tarzan stunts.

Moreover he’s finishing a longer audition film featuring a sexy Jane and some tame elephants that he hopes will catch Tinseltown film producers’ attention.

YOU’s Richard van Rensburg met the prospective Lord Greystoke. Read more in YOU 5 January 2012.

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