Tarzan's Alexander Skarsgard: 'You get a nice breeze in a loincloth!'

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17 July 2016

Alexander Skarsgard is a big fan of the loincloth.

The 39-year-old actor stars as the vine-swinging hero in new movie The Legend of Tarzan and his costume for a few of the scenes was little more than a scrap of material around his waist. And while Alexander's female fans are sure to be delighted with the image of the Swedish heartthrob showing off his physique in the skimpy ensemble, the actor also thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being so free.

"I had a mini sarong. It’s very comfortable," Alexander said during a video interview with Instyle.co.uk. "You get a nice breeze going (gestures to crotch area). It’s not great for vine swinging as everything is going everywhere but its very dynamic."

Alexander was joined by co-star Margot Robbie as the pair channelled their alter egos Tarzan and Jane to offer dating advice.

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Asked what mating call they would recommend in the real world, Margot answered: "Jane was really attracted to the call from the rufus bottom toe beak, that’s a sexy one. It gets Jane every time!"

Margot also had some tips for reigniting the passion in a relationship - namely getting down and dirty in the wild.

"Tarzan and Jane went back to the Congo and it got pretty fiery…so basically sit around a bonfire, have a drink, go back to your childhood home and reignite the flame," she smiled.

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And Alexander concurred: "Mmmm there’s really nothing sexier than your childhood home!"

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