Taylor Schilling: Fame hasn't eased anxiety

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29 June 2015

Taylor Schilling's anxieties are "internal".

The blonde actress has landed her most popular role to date as Piper Chapman in Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, which recently unveiled its third season. Starring in the comedy drama was a big step for Taylor but despite her newfound fame, she still suffers from the problems which stemmed before she became a big name.

"I wasn't specifically looking for someone different to Piper, but it's a thrill it ended up that way, even though that wasn't my intention. I'm not used to the comedy world, so everyone's ability to keep a straight face in certain scenes was amazing to me. I do a good job of that part," she told glamourmagazine.co.uk.

'I struggle with anxiety and fear'

"I struggle with anxiety and fear. Both of those things can be hard. Career success has helped, but these things are internal - the external doesn't fix everything."

Taylor has fully embraced her alter ego's personality and all the trials and tribulations which Piper faces while behind bars in the show. Piper has changed dramatically over the three seasons, with some fans disliking her edgy new traits, but Taylor understands where she's coming from.

"She's trying. She's not stuck in her ways and she's really looking for a way to be... She's looking for some truths," the star commented. "I can relate to her; that feeling of how in these circumstances can I adjust; how can I bring more parts of myself to the table. That's what Piper's doing."

Taylor has had a few silver screen parts too, such as The Lucky One alongside Zac Efron in 2012. She returns to cinemas in The Overnight, a comedy about a young couple and their son who move to Los Angeles and befriend another family.

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