Taylor Swift helps her fans tackle bullying

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08 November 2013

Taylor Swift wants to try and help her fans tackle bullying and invites 35 to 40 people to a tent after her gigs where she has a one-on-one discussion with them.

Taylor Swift tries to help her fans tackle bullying.

The 23-year-old star ? who was singled out and picked on at school in Pennsylvania in the US ? gives her biggest fans the chance to meet after her Red gigs and uses her platform as an artist to help them discuss inclusion issues they may face.

She told Top of the Pops magazine, "After the show we pick fans randomly and they're brought backstage into this amazing tent called Club Red. I go in with about 35 to 40 fans and hear what's going on in their lives ? whether someone's picking on them at school or if someone had a party and invited every single girl in the class but them. It happened to me, and that's why as an artist, you should try and help people one-on-one."

Taylor ? who’s on the Oceania leg of her world tour during which she’ll be performing in New Zealand at the end of the month ? previously took to the stage with former X Factor contestant Cher Lloyd and Ellie Goulding during her US performances, and she gushed about her time with them.

She said, "Ellie [Goulding] is so talented. I thought she was perfect. Cher Lloyd was amazing. It looked like we'd planned all kinds of moves but we were just moving on the same beats." -Bang Showbiz Share your thoughts:

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