Taylor Swift: I’m OK with not being sexy

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29 May 2015

Taylor Swift knows she’s not an “overtly sexy” person.

Taylor Swift knows she’s not an “overtly sexy” person.

The 25-year-old singer is known for her leggy outfits and celebrity paramours, but still she has a reputation as being “chaste” among the public. However, in a new interview, Taylor said this perception is about something else.

“That's a way of people saying I’m just not generally a sexy person,” she told Access Hollywood. “That's all that is.

'I'm fine with all the other things I am'

"It's fine. I've accepted it. I'm a lot of things. Overtly sexy is not one of them. I'm fine. I'm fine with all the other things I am."

Taylor has made a hugely successful career for herself through writing about processes she is going through.

And the star added she is proud her fans find themselves able relate to her through the songs she writes.

"As an artist you should embrace what comes naturally to you, whatever role feels right,” she said. “I would never encourage an artist to try to and fit into a role that seemed to be created for them by a bunch of record label guys in suits in a conference room.

“I think for me it feels very natural to talk to teenagers and people my age… about feelings and what they're going through and their insecurities."

Taylor spoke to Access as she promoted her limited edition Welcome to New York Champion sneaker for Keds.

The Shake It Off singer has certainly had a busy past few days, as she was seen enjoying a date night with current beau, Scottish DJ and producer Calvin Harris, earlier this week.

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