Teacher of the week: A passion for science

By admin
12 August 2013

This week’s Teacher of the Week is Doret Schoombie.

Name and age

Doret Schoombie (46)

What and where do you teach?

I teach physical science at Pretoria High School for Girls.

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

I have a passion for science and I like teaching people.

Give three tips to other teachers who also teach your subject:

  1. Stay passionate about your subject.
  2. Stay up to date about new developments in the field of chemistry and physical science.
  3. Make sure your students really understand science – don’t just teach them recipes.

Give three tips for new teachers in any subject:  

  1. Always be well prepared for every lesson.
  2. Be strict in the classroom – the students aren’t your friends.
  3. Do examples with the students. It will help them see what thinking process you use to solve problems.

What is your favourite technology or book to use in class?

YouTube video clips.

What motivates you?

Kids who study hard and are just as passionate about the sciences as I am.

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