Teacher of the week: Born to be a teacher

By admin
07 October 2013

Our teacher of the week, Leonie Binsbergen, believes teachers should learn something new every day too.

Name and age

Leonie Binsbergen (45)

What and where do you teach?

I teach English to Grade 7 learners at Louis Leipoldt Primary School in Centurion, Gauteng.

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

I was born to be a teacher!

Give 3 tips to other Grade 7 English teachers

  • You must maintain good discipline in your classroom. Learners feel safe in a well-structured environment.
  • Don’t just give answers, guide learners to discover the answer on their own.
  • Listen to your students; you might learn a lot from them.

Give 3 tips to a new teacher in any grade or subject

  • Ensure learners know exactly what you expect from them, specifically regarding discipline and classwork.
  • Learners must have the boldness to talk to you at any time, but beware of becoming their friend.
  • Remember each learner’s needs differ and each one should be treated accordingly.

What is your favourite technology or book to use in the classroom?

Definitely a dictionary!

What motivates you?

Every day should be a challenge to learn something new yourself. Just the thought that I can equip young people for the future is very precious.

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