Teacher of the week: Empowering the nation

By admin
20 January 2014

Our first teacher of the week for 2014 is Mmipe Mokgehle. He has a passion for technology that belies his age – the only clues to that being his long CV and greying beard.

Name and age:

Mmipe Mokgehle (57)

What do you teach and where?

I’m deputy head of Toronto Primary in Mankweng, Limpopo. I also teach information and communication technology (ICT).

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

It was my parents’ dream that I become a teacher, although it wasn’t my first choice as a career. I pursued teaching to please my parents. I have a passion for technology and love sharing my knowledge of it with others.

Give 3 tips for other teachers of your subject:

  1. Be passionate about your subject – it empowers people.
  2. Teach your learners ICT; it’s a skill they can fall back on regardless of what happens.
  3. Share your knowledge with others, especially other teachers. When you empower teachers, you empower the nation.

Give 3 tips for beginner teachers in any subject/grade:

  1. Be strict, but treat your learners and colleagues with love and respect.
  2. Approach teaching with passion.
  3. Work hard and do everything in your power to contribute to the development of your school and community.

What is your favourite technology or book to use in class?

I believe computers and technology empower people. That’s why I’ve worked hard to change the future of more than 20 000 children in Limpopo by arranging for 49 schools in the Mankweng grouping of the Capricorn district to each get 21 computers with printers.

What motivates you (as teacher)?

I feel my goals in teaching haven’t been fulfilled completely. I’d like to see a laptop per learner. I’m not retiring before I’ve accomplished that.

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