Teacher of the Week: Enjoying what she does

By admin
16 September 2013

Our teacher of the week, Riëtte Hugo, is “in the business of training young minds to grow”.

Name and age:

Riëtte Hugo (65)

What and where do you teach?

I have been an English teacher for about five years at Stellenberg High School. I also taught Afrikaans at Bishops for 36 years. I have been a teacher since 1969!

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

As Miss Jean Brody said in The Prime of Miss Jean Brody, “I'm in the business of training young minds to grow!”

Give 3 tips for other English teachers:

Einstein was asked what to do to become a good teacher. His answer? Read fairytales. And then: read some more fairytales. Once you have done that, the magic will enter your being and you will want to share it with young people. So three tips: read, read, read!

Give 3 tips for new teachers in any subject or grade.

Enjoy what you do. Do it to the best of your ability. Don't do it for the money.

What is your favourite equipment/book to use in the classroom?

When I started teaching it was chalk and talk ? now it's data projectors, whiteboards and all kinds of technology. Nowadays I love telling the teens to take out their fancy cellphones and read the books on their screens. I don't confiscate cellphones ? it's a valuable educational tool! Use it, don't lose it.

What motivates you?

The enormous pay packet . . . sorry, wrong answer! The enormous pleasure of watching a difficult child find his/her feet and become successful, and to think: I had a hand in that person's life. It's a teacher's only chance of greatness!

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