Teacher of the week: It's all about values

By admin
28 October 2013

Our teacher of the week, Konrad Toerien, believes the key to successful teaching is good values.

Name and age:

Konrad Toerien (26)

What and where do you teach?

I teach natural sciences and technology, maths and life orientation to Grade 5 and Grade 3 at Vredenburg Primary School, Western Cape.

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

I enjoy the school holidays! No, I’m just joking. I enjoy interacting with children. The greatest reason is I saw the decline of morals in children and I believe with positive and correct education we can instil those values again and teach kids how to make a success of their lives.

Do you have any tips for teachers in your field?

  • Be interesting. Teach lessons that stick to the syllabus but make them interesting for the children.
  • Technology is at your fingertips – use it!
  • Stay positive, especially when learners do well. Praise children who deserve it.

Any advice for new teachers regardless of subject or grade?

  • Only smile after Easter weekend. I learnt this from a wise teacher, Ms Blom, when I was at school.
  • Be strict but remain tolerant. If you’re thrown in at the deep end ask for help to learn how to swim.
  • Ask if you have a problem and tackle tasks with passion.

What’s your favourite teaching aid?

According to my learners I often tell them to “Google it!” We live in the information age; the answers are there for everyone.

What motivates you as a teacher?

I’m involved with athletics; to be part of the athletes’ success inspires me. The end product is always worth the effort, especially if learners can tell you after they’ve left school that their success was due to the input of teachers.

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