Teacher of the week: Maths like poetry

By admin
21 August 2013

Our teacher of the week is passionate about maths and enjoys making this subject as clear as possible for her learners.

She believes every day offers new opportunities to delve deeper into the analytical and logical style of thought that maths produces. She feels she’s privileged to be able to promote these abilities in her learners.

Name and age:

Gretha Schoeman (39)

What do you teach and where?

I teach maths to Grade 7 at Laerskool Louis Leipoldt in Centurion, Gauteng. Maths is like the poetry of logic.

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

I wanted to be part of the education of children and I’m enjoying every minute of it.

Give three tips to teachers teaching your subject 

  1. Teach maths with a passion. The children quickly find out if you’re just teaching from a book.
  2. Ensure your notes are always new and fresh, even if you have to create them yourself or rewrite them. Old, worn photostats extinguish children’s enthusiasm.
  3. Make use of technology to capture your knowledge because this enables children to listen to your explanations again after school – which is absolutely essential with maths.

Give three tips to young teachers of any subject in any grade.

  1. Never give the impression you didn’t choose teaching as a career. Administration and other problems are sometimes overwhelming and you question your career choice. But you’re working with children and for them learning is a voyage of discovery they’re looking forward to. Try to be friendly – the children appreciate it.
  2. You can’t always teach the subject you’d like to, but make the subject you are teaching as interesting for you and the children as possible. Any trouble you go to with preparation makes it easier to transfer your knowledge in the class.
  3. Get involved with the children after hours (in the fields of sport or culture) so they can get to know you on another level.

What is your favourite technology or book for use in the class?

Scriblr technology, which makes it possible to record everything I say and write so the children can watch it on the internet after the lesson.

What motivates you?

Many questions. That look in the children’s eyes when they master a new concept or technique.

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