Teacher of the week: Set logical goals

By admin
29 July 2014

Our Teacher of the Week believes in being practical regarding children’s progress and even uses graphs to measure their development.

Name and age

Hester van Dyk (62).

What and where do you teach?

I work at Hesda Educational Centre, an independent private school in Centurion and Equestria. I teach all subjects to learners from Grade R-12.  My specialist field is healing or remedial teaching, as well as teaching a unique whole-brain study concept that adapts to each individual. Hesda also does subject choice and career planning.

Why did you choose teaching as a career?

Because of my love for and empathy with those who don’t fit into the left-brain school system and are under-achieving because of some deficiency, as well as those who over-achieve, which can also be a block.

Give three tips to others teaching your subject 

  1. Know your learner’s strongest learning modality, whether it’s visual, auditory, tactile,  kinesthetic, motor, verbal or a combination of the above.
  2. Know your child and understand how to lead him to the highest level he can reach to the best of your ability.
  3. Build on good trust, understanding and authority relationships established between the learner, teacher and parents.

Give three tips to new teachers of any subject in any grade

  1. Know your learner through a unique evaluation of their lateral profile (inborn left and right brain – logical and creative thoughts), their strongest learning modality, scholastic evaluation (Afrikaans and English, reading and spelling, comprehension tests and speed in maths, word sums, career planning and subject choices).
  2. Empathise with children who have learning disabilities. Be ready to learn from others and apply what you learn in practice.
  3. Regularly refer to other disciplines, such as neurology, speech-, occupational- and physiotherapy. Our motto is: “Early recognition of a learning disability prevents learning disability.”

What is your favourite technology or book to use in class?

The Bible – Ps 139:14 – and Dr Kobus Neethling’s book on creativity and positivity.

What motivates you as a teacher?

- Respect, love, knowledge is power, cooperation with other disciplines, as well as keeping up with the latest technology and applying it in practice.

- The progress of a learner through continual evaluation and the use of a graph to track the progress.

- Setting logical goals for each learner.

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