Teacher quits top school after 'intimate' kiss with prefect

By admin
17 November 2016

The teacher from the exclusive private school handed in her resignation after the information came to light on WhatsApp.

A teacher from Grey College has handed in her resignation after it emerged on Whatsapp she had allegedly kissed a school prefect.

The woman, who quit after she was reported to authorities, apparently told several friends on the messaging app about the "intimate kiss" earlier this year, according to News24.

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Principal Deon Scheepers confirmed the woman had resigned.

The message came to light after teachers from the exclusive Bloemfontien school became involved in "a spat", the outlet reports.

The matric pupil made a statement to police and turned in his prefect badge. He is apparently a "brilliant student and good athlete".

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The teacher will stay at the school until the end of the term.

A source told Netwerk24 she is going to another school to "broaden her horizons", adding that she had wanted to leave long before the incident.

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