Tears in court as Oscar takes off his prosthetic legs and stands on his stumps before judge

By Kirstin Buick
15 June 2016

Wearing a pair of black ski pants, Oscar was visibly shaking as he stood at the front of the court without his prosthetic legs.

As part of his closing argument, advocate Barry Roux asked Oscar Pistorius to get up and stand on his stumps before the courtroom.

"This is the person, it's 03.00 in the morning, he is on his stumps," Roux told the court. "He suffers from an anxiety disorder. When he was on his stumps his balance was compromised.

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"He was anxious, he was frightened. This must all be seen in the context of his disability and the pervasive thinking.

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"He was armed, ready to fire. His perception was fortified by the open bathroom window, the ladders, the slamming of the door. He believed that the person was an intruder and the deceased was in the bedroom.

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"He fired four shots in the door with a downward trajectory, with no intent to kill."

"I don't want to overplay disability," Roux said in his closing argument for mercy for the former athlete. "I'm not saying he can do what he likes."

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Eventually, the convicted murderer got down on his knees and Roux then asked him to take his seat.

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"I can see this is painful for him."

According to reports, people in the benches cried as the scene played out.

Earlier, the 29-year-old had changed into running shorts and a T-shirt during the tea break. Roux began his closing argument by telling Judge Thokozile Masipa, “It’s time to explain our address to you.”

Oscar then got up from his seat in the dock and walked to the side of the court where he sat down. Reeva's father Barry had to get up to let him pass.

Barry Steenkamp testified on Tuesday about the pain his daughter’s murder had caused him, to the extent that he jabbed himself repeatedly with his diabetes injection.

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Judge Thokozile Masipa is hearing arguments in aggravation and mitigation before sentencing for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp on February 14, 2013. The Supreme Court of Appeal overturned her verdict of culpable homicide and replaced it one of murder.

Gerrie Nel, for the State, is expected to make his closing argument today.

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