Teen killed after being struck by lightning

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18 March 2015

A Grade 11 boy from Mpumalanga was killed on Tuesday morning when he was struck by lightning on his school’s sports fields.

Francois Clarence, who attended HTS Witbank, was due to play a hockey game against a Potchefstroom school that afternoon but the match was cancelled due to bad weather. He was apparently walking off the hockey field with some friends when he was struck.

He fell to the ground and the emergency services were summoned. They performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on him and he was rushed to the Life Cosmos Hospital, where he was later declared dead.

The school later wrote on its Facebook site: “Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all those who said a prayer for Francois Clarence. May God enfold and support the Clarence family in this difficult time. HTS Witbank’s grief is eternal. Francois, we’re going to miss you and your 'old-school' education and humanity.”

Fast facts about lighting:

• On average lightning strikes the earth 100 times per second.

• 3 pm is the most dangerous time of day; it is five times more dangerous than 9 am.

• Men account for 84 per cent of lightning deaths, women 16 per cent

• Number of thunderstorms occurring at any given moment: 2 000

• Number of lightning strikes round the world a day: 8 million

• The chances of being struck by lightning are estimated at 1 in 700 000

Sources: Liveline.co.za; Witbanknews.co.za

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