Teen left 'dead on the bathroom floor' after downing 10 Jägerbombs

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10 March 2015

A British teen's heart stopped three times and “died” on the bathroom floor after drinking 10 caffeine-laden Jägerbombs.

Jayde Dinsdale (19) downed the shooters, usually made with the potent chaerJägermeister and energy drinks, while on a night out with friends. After the effect of the alcohol wore off the caffeine in her system cause her heart rate to increase to dangerously high levels. When she returned home she was chatting to her parents, and suddenly collapsed. "She was her normal bubbly self and was telling me about the night while in the bathroom," Jayde's mom Natalie told Mail Online. "Then all of a sudden her chest jolted and she fell to the floor and hit her head on the bath and radiator. I put her in the recovery position and stabilised her, but she started having another fit. I screamed for my husband." Her terrified parents watch her have two cardiac arrests while her dad performed CPR to save her. Jayde, who suffered another heart attack a few hours later, was kept in an induced coma and spent three weeks in hospital before doctors gave her a pacemaker.

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She now warns other young people to steer clear of the drink, made with a tot of Jägermeister and half a can of Red Bull.

Most people can cope with moderate amounts of caffeine but excessive intake can cause seizures, strokes or sudden death.

Sources: News.com.au, Daily Mirror, Mail Online

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