Teen sex: shocking facts

By admin
23 March 2012

YOU’s investigation into sexual behaviour, drinking habits and drug-taking among learners makes sobering reading for parents

She’s 13 and an ordinary learner in a former Model C school. A year ago she began pushing the boundary between innocence and being “the most experienced” in her group. Could she be your daughter?

She hasn’t had penetrative sex yet but has performed oral sex twice on the same boy and allowed him to put his hands under her dress.

“Lots of my friends have never done stuff like that. After I did it the first time people were cheering me on and I became really popular. More boys also started talking to me.”

It’s anecdotes such as these that keep parents awake at night, worrying about what’s going on in the lives of the often-secretive teens living under their roof.

And they have cause for concern, according to a comprehensive survey of teens’ sexual, drinking and smoking habits YOU recently commissioned.

Read more of YOU’s investigation conducted by Richard van Rensburg, Haji Mohamed Dawjee and Chrizane van Zyl in YOU 29 March 2012.

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