Teen shocked to meet stranger who looks EXACTLY like her – and then it got really weird

By Saskia Hill
10 January 2017

This teen shared a snap of the incredible moment she met her lookalike. And then things took a seriously spooky turn.

Have you ever come across someone who looks just like you?

A photo posted by Santana Marie (@santanaa_g) on

It doesn’t happen often so when it does you should take a photo as proof! That’s what this teen did. And then things took a seriously spooky turn. Read more: Loved-up snaps of this ‘identical’ couple have people freaking out “I found my literal doppelgänger just now wtf,” 17-year-old Santana Marie, from San Diego in California, America captioned a photo, after coming across her unnamed doppelgänger in a shopping centre.

The photo was shared quickly – more than 24 000 times – and 41 000 people liked it.

But it tuns out that Santana's shopping centre 'twin' wasn't the only young woman who bore a startling resemblance to the teen. Read more: Baby monitor captures something seriously spooky When people shared photos of more people who looked like Santana she realised she had many doubles out there.

Some people even made a collage.

Perhaps Santana just happens to have one of those faces? Or is there something a little spookier at play here?

Have you ever met someone who looks just like you? We want to see! Comment with a pic on our Facebook page.

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