Teen wrestles crocodile to impress girl – girl remains totally uninterested

By Pam Magwaza
22 March 2017

The 18-year-old was convinced he could jump into a croc-infested river and swim out unharmed – simply because he's Australian.

18-year-old Lee De Paauw failed to impress his love interest even after he deliberately jumped into crocodile-infested waters to win her affection.

According to the Daily Mail, Lee was having drinks with friends and a few British backpackers (including his crush, Sophie Paterson), at a local bar in Queensland, Australia.

Sophie (24) claimed that as the night went on, Lee started boasting about how he could jump into the croc-infested river and swim out unharmed because he is Australian.

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"He was talking about the local creek saying 'I can swim out' and so we said, 'go on then', but we didn't think he would do it," Sophie told the Courier Mail.


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To everyone's shock the teenager called their bluff and lept into the river.

In an interview with the Fitzy & Wippa radio show, Lee described what happened after.

"Being dared, I jumped off the jetty and I was swimming back around to the stairs to get out, I was about to pull myself back up when the crocodile grabbed my arm and dragged me back out and started rolling me, I hit it in the nose and it loosened its grip.

"I got another hit in and it was right in its eye. It dropped me then.

"I did not know there was a crocodile there. I just done it for Sophie."

Lee was rushed to hospital, where doctors were able to save his arm.

Despite his, er, heroic efforts, Sophie remained unimpressed, describing the act as 'horrendous'.

"He's too young for me and being attacked by animals doesn’t really do it for me."

Despite all of this, he is still smitten with Sophie who he describes as "kind. sweet and caring". On the radio interview, Lee said that it would all have been worth it if Sophie had gone on a date with him.

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