Teenager discovers he was kidnapped 13 years ago when he tries to apply for university

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05 November 2015

Nothing could have prepared Julian Hernandez (18), from Cleveland, Ohio in the US, for what would happen when he tried to enrol for tertiary education.

None of the institutions he approached would accept his application because they couldn’t verify his identity number.

Julian asked his school’s guidance counsellors for help when it appeared the identity number his father had given him didn’t exist. Enquiries set off alarm bells at America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which, working with the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children, established on 30 October that Julian had been registered as a kidnap victim 13 years earlier.

At the time the family lived in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. On 28 August 2002 Julian’s father, Bobby, was supposed to drop him off at a nursery school – but Julian never arrived there. It seems Bobby had emptied his bank accounts, packed Julian’s clothes and toys and fled to Cleveland with the boy. He’d also falsified documents in which he changed their name.

Julian has no recollection of being kidnapped. No one close to them were aware that father and son had been living under false names.

Bobby has since been arrested on charges of kidnapping and falsifying documents. He’s been released on bail of about R3,5 million. Further charges may follow.

Julian’s mother is said to be utterly relieved and excited to hear her son is safe and unharmed.

Sources: inquisitr.com, cbs12.com

-- Annelene Oberholzer

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