Teenagers are making their own braces in crazy internet trend

By Samantha Luiz
17 August 2015

Medical professionals have warned against a disturbing trend that has seen some teenagers making their own low-budget “braces” out of dental floss and rubber bands.

In some of the videos that have been shared on YouTube, the teens can be seen tying rubber bands around the backs of their teeth before tying them into a tight knot on the front of their teeth. This is apparently done to simulate the corrective effect of braces.


Although the trend only went viral recently, reports suggest that it started a few years ago.


Late last year, the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dental facial Orthopedics issued a warning that DIY braces, also known as "gap bands," could actually make your teeth fall out.

In Thailand, where having braces is considered fashionable, there have even been deaths associated with fake braces.

According to Dr. Juan Rendon, of Jefferson Dental Clinics, DIY braces can also cut off the blood supply to your mouth, changing the colour of your teeth, and potentially causing swelling and infection.

YouTuber Stinehofstad, who posted a video titled "DIY: Get straight teeth FREE, FAST at home!" claims that she's seen improvement in her teeth over the three years she’s been using DIY braces. But if she stops wearing them, even for a few days, she says her teeth will start to shift back to their original positions.

Sources: businessinsider.com, distractify.com

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