Teen’s hilarious celeb parodies

By admin
24 September 2014

A teen from New Zealand is making a name for himself spoofing celeb pics on Instagram.

Liam Martin (17), who posts them under the handle @waverider, has amassed more than a million followers on Instagram, thanks to his parodies on famous celeb pics. He’s done Miley Cyrus on the wrecking ball and Kim Kardashian’s Vegas magazine cover.

waverider iggy

waverider instagram ariana

Liam told The Huffington Post he first started with the celebrity riffs after dressing up like the Little Mermaid. "The photo was a success and really seemed to entertain people," he said. "So I decided to keep doing that."

waverider miley

He’s also an outspoken advocate against online bullying. "Doing what I do generates a backlash of negative comments. People need to be careful about what they say to others and embrace difference, as opposed to trying to destroy it."

wavrider kim k

-Edna Isaacs

Source: huffingtonpost.com

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