Tell winter bugs to bugger off!

By admin
19 July 2013

Make sure you don’t get the sniffles this winter with these simple tips to ward off cold and flu.

After what generally starts off as a little sniff and sneeze we so often find ourselves in bed, unable to move, with a pounding head and nasty body aches. And in the cold embrace of winter, we’re more likely than ever to be bedridden with the nasty cold and flu viruses that do the rounds.

But with these simple tips, you can give the nasties a miss this year as they catch their next unlucky victim!

* Wash your hands frequently to avoid picking up germs from objects others have infected.

* Don’t touch objects in public places ? especially the sides of escalators or the railings inside lifts.

* Avoid prolonged contact with sick people.

* Discourage your child from sharing food with classmates.

And if you were unfortunate enough to catch something, don’t allow it to get you down for too long and minimise the spread of bugs.

* Dispose of all your used tissues as soon as possible ? they become infected once used. Rather use new ones often to avoid the spread of germs.

* Take time off ? stay home when you need time to get better. The time spent resting ensures a quicker recovery and prevents the spread of colds and flu.

With these tips you can avoid the miserable winter viruses and queues at the doctor and yes, the hefty bills that accompany them too. So, gather those blankets and smile as you banish illness and embrace the hot chocolate, late nights on the couch and the winter warmth with your family this winter.

- Faiza Mallick


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