Ten reasons why we love Leonardo DiCaprio

By admin
18 January 2014

He stole our hearts back in 1997 with his good looks and acting and since then he has been raising the bar and improving his craft. Here are other reasons why we can’t get enough of Mr DiCaprio.

1. His eyes. Those beautiful eyes are like a peaceful ocean.

the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio

2. He made us fall in love with the character of Jack Dawson in the film Titanic. We all wanted to be his Rose.

3. Can anyone else pull off the sideswept/slicked-back hairstyle as well as this? We didn’t think so.

Leonardo alongside Carey Mulligan in The Great Gatsby

4. He was such a cute child star. He started a career in TV when he was just five.

5. He just gets better and hotter with time. He is 39 and has still got it.

6. The man has style and doesn’t even have to try too hard.

Leonardo in The Wolf Of Wall Street

7. Leo is all about taking care of the environment and animals. In November 2010 he donated $1 000 000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society. He also created and produced the documentary film The 11th Hour in 2007 documentary film, a film about the state of the natural environment.

Leonardo in J Edgar

8. He’s versatile. Instead of being stuck in a Titanic rut he acted in a number of memorable and powerful movies, such as Blood Diamond and Django Unchained.

Leonardo and Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained

9. He knows how to get down on the dance floor (although we’re not sure if he is ready to be a part of the show Dancing with the Stars just yet). See him in action in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.

10. There has to be something that gets all those supermodels hanging on his arm. Leo has a particular like for supermodels, especially Victoria’s Secret beauties.  

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-Katlego Mkhwanazi

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