Ten side-effects of a “few drinks”

By admin
26 August 2013

We look at the effects of a “few drinks” on your body.

We look at the effects of a “few drinks” on your body:

  1. After one unit you become less self-conscious and more confident.
  2. After two units your inhibitions decrease and your body starts to dehydrate.
  3. After three units libido increases and reactions slow. The liver is working hard to rid your body of toxins from alcohol.
  4. After four units you might become emotional and confused.
  5. After five units vision is often blurred.
  6. After six units you might become obnoxious or depressed with poor physical co-ordination.
  7. After eight units you usually have difficulty controlling what you say and do. You’re also at risk of losing consciousness.
  8. After nine to 10 units there’s a high risk of losing consciousness and increased risk of a heart attack and suffocation from inhaling vomit.
  9. A higher blood alcohol concentration than this can lead to death from either respiratory depression or heart arrhythmia.
  10. The most risky form of alcohol consumption is binge drinking – having five or more alcoholic drinks in quick succession. This trend has been reported to be popular among SA youths.

-Kim Arendse

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